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Invento-HQ Symphony 1.4

12 April 2003


Petworth Kite Festival - Probably the most friendly family kite festival ever used to take place each year in the early summer in the grounds of Petworth House , Petworth, West Sussex as part of the month long activities of the Petworth Festival.

Now the Petworth Festival Kites is no more and there is just a "village festival day" in Petworth Park and it won't be a full kite festival as it used to be with large invited kites. There is now also a 2.00/day charge for parking in the Petworth Park carpark off the A283 just nortt of Petworth (introduced March 2006).

In 2003 the Sussex Police Helicopter was there too.
Petworth Festival


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I started out with a Gopher kite resource at Surrey Uni in March 1993 filled mainly with re-posts of articles from the rec.kites newsgroups and other bits. Then by the time I moved to the web around Feb 95 there was so much good information available on kites that I decided to concentrate on just UK Information on Kite Shops, Kite Festivals, and Kite Groups with a few favourite links to other sites.

This site is just a part time hobby of mine. I would welcome any comments you have, especially corrections and updates to these lists.

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