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Society Miniature Rifle Clubs medal - sterling Silver 1930's

New timer switch for clubroom heaters installed - Nov 2022

HISTORY: Petworth Rifle Club is a long established club whose origins date back to the 19th century with the Sussex Rifle Volunteer Corps ~ the 6th corp of which was formed in Petworth in 1860, then later in 1880 to be formed into D company, 2nd Sussex Rifle Volunteer Corps ~ see Eastbourne Museum &

The present club was formed on April 19th 1907 by the 2nd Lord Leconfield and the range opened on 25th November that same year. Originally formed as "Lord Leconfield's Miniature Rifle Club for Petworth and Neighbourhood" we are now known as the "Petworth & District Rifle Club" with 'Miniature Rifle Range' status under the Firearms Act 1968 and also incorporated as a CASC. However, we are not just about .22 shooting as about a third of our members also activly shoot full bore on an individual basis mostly at NRA Bisley. We are Home Office approved and NSRA affiliated.

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ACTIVITIES: We are a friendly club who meet regularly TWO evenings a week (Monday & Thursday) at our own indoor 25yd range on the edge of Petworth town. The club is active in prone .22 target smallbore shooting; Time Limit .22 prone target shooting; Lightweight Sporting Rifle (LSR) shooting in both standing and prone disciplines using both .22lr scoped sporting rifles and also PCP air rifles.

We shoot all year round and partake a number of postal leagues including:- Sussex County (prone and LSR), Worthing & West Sussex (prone), Hendon (LSR), Portslade 100yd prone, Eley (prone & finals at Bisley).

Other activities include trips to Bisley for both smallbore (NSRA Lord Roberts 50m range, NRA 100,200,300 long range 22) and fullbore shooting (NRA members only), visiting and entering into shoulder to shoulder competitions at other local clubs. A number of our members are also members of the nearby Fittleworth club offering Outdoor 50m and 100yd ranges.

CLUBHOUSE: The club range had a major re-furbishment in the summer of 2004 (new roof, stonework repairs, painting, wiring, ventilation) with grateful financial support from Chichester District Council. We have our own .22rimfile 25yd indoor range with 4 firing points, plus provision for LSR standing at 20yds, and standing air rifle/pistol at 10yd. We also have a good sized clubroom with recent "2020 lockdown" upgrades of a sink with H&C water, basic tea/coffee making, and the range security improved with a RING alarm. We have also upgraded all the lighting in the Range; Clubroom; Outside to LED. The previous fittings were mostly fluorescent and over 20yrs old as they were second hand in 2004 refurbishment.

MEMBERSHIP: We have a fairly stable membership of around 30 members but always welcome enquiries from prospective new members both probationary and established shooters. Prospective new members may wish to download a printable single page LEAFLET about the club, and if you wish to enquire about joining (currently £80.00/annum) you should in the first instance please contact us via the email address below.

We are affiliated to the National Smallbore Rifle Association (NSRA) and this enables members to participate in open competitions throughout the country. Indeed trips to other clubs to enter competitions are encouraged, mostly in Sussex and neighbouring counties but in summer 2006 a group went as far as Jersey to shoot.

Club Secretary:   John Robbins 
Chairman:  Andy Tate  
Clubroom:   Range Officer    Txt/Mob: 07511 071234

Petworth Rifle Club display stand, Petworth Park 2004
Our display stand
Our clubroom Our 100th anniversary shoot

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