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Garden Equipment

There have been more thefts of garden equipment, also pedal cycles, from sheds and garages in Lurgashall and surrounding villages. This is a peak time for thefts of tools and equipment. Today's criminals are very mobile and we need to increase our vigilance, reporting suspicious activities to the police as soon as possible. Be alert for the casual caller and cruising van, taking registration numbers if you can. The sooner you can pass on this information to the police the sooner they can act. Make sure that all tools and equipment etc are stored securely and post coded.

The local Neighbourhood Panel under the Chairmanship of Ray Cooper with representatives from Northchapel, Kirdford, Plaistow and Ifold, Ebernoe, Loxwood and Lurgashall meets bi-monthly to discuss recent crime trends, allocate priorities and report on action taken. The police.are represented by our local Police Constable Philip Hanlon and our Police Community Support Officers Clair Gamlin and Ian Luxford as available.

Should you have any items such as anti-social behaviour speeding dangerous parking or other similar nuisances you would like to have discussed please let me know . Paul Read (01428 707385) email read85©

Community Contacts

We now have yet another promise for the introduction of Community Contacts, the new messaging system which will streamline the way Sussex Police send out messages to Neighbourhood Watch co-ordinators and members.

The information we receive from the police will be filtered and the team of Police Officers, Community Support Officers and Special Constables will remain committed to keeping the members of the community safe. The aims of Neighbourhood watch remain unchanged, that is to reduce the opportunities for crime and anti-social behaviour to occur by deterring would-be burglars and vandals, and to maintain a community spirit so that all residents can contribute towards our protection through communication and co-operation. To achieve these aims information must flow in both directions. The Police need our help, they need us to report suspicious activity direct to the Police using the non-emergency number 0845 60 70 999 and the 999 number when you genuinely believe it is an emergency, identifying yourself as a member of the Lurgashall Neighbourhood Watch scheme. The Police need community intelligence to achieve our shared aims.

As you may be aware there have been a number of thefts of garden ornaments etc. recently so it is all the more necessary to remain vigilant as regards suspicious vehicles and individuals and be security conscious at all times. Paul Read. 01428 707385.

Reporting Crime

At a recent Neighbourhood Watch meeting in Chichester, Mark Rendall, the new N. W. manager for the Sussex Police revealed that people are not calling 999 for fear they will be criticised if the incident they are reporting may not be considered severe enough. The police have noticed more and more people are calling the 0845 number because they are so worried that what they are witnessing may not be considered an emergency.

Mr. Rendall went on to say "we need to encourage people to feel free to use the 999 number when they think a crime is being committed." He also went on to say that another trend is that people often waited several hours before notifying police of something suspicious. Delay in passing on information means that it is too late for them to act and criminals have got away with a crime. The 0845 60 70 999 number was set up specifically to deal with non-emergency calls.

Sussex Police will be looking at ways to encourage more people to report crimes or suspicious activities as they are happening by calling 999.

The Police are currently setting up Neighbourhood panels across the district, which will identify neighbourhood policing priorities that really mean something locally. Neighbourhood Watch is a step forward in modern policing, it provides additional eyes and ears and is important in the fight against crime. Remember that the Sussex Police and Parish Council websites, and respectively can be accessed to keep you up to date between Newsletters. Paul Read. (O1428 707385).

New Email Notifications

Just to remind you Police Neighbourhood Watch information is available via this Website, Click on Local Policing and enter your post code in the box and our Neighbourhood Specialist Constable, Phillip Hanlon's page will come up and from there you can see what is happening in our area. I also receive additional information from other sources via email and can keep you up to date by forwarding any relevant local information. If you would like this please let me have your email address at; messages will be sent out BCC to preserve individual recipient's anonymity from each other.