Road Closure - Blind Lane 11 Sept to 30 Sept

Temporary closure as Morrison Utilities are working on the new fibre feed (for BT Openreach) which will supply the box on the green next to the parking. The closure will be effective from the main A283 via the crossroads to outside the LRA field so there will be an alternative access via Mill Lane, Upperton Road, Hillgrove Lane to the A283 at Northchapel. It appears that if they are not working on a particular section they may open up that part of the road, and they will try to open up the whole length over night (18:00 to 08:00).

You may read the official TRO here

FILM NIGHT ~ Wednesday 6 September 19:00 for 19:30 Admission 5

This month's film:: 'My Old Lady'
Mathias a New York down and out travels to Paris to sell a large valuable apartment he has inherited. Once there he discovers an old woman living there with her daughter. The plot unfolds with many humorous twists and turns.
Next films -
' Churchill '

Tickets just 5 each, available in the Village Shop, or on the door (but this month it would help if you could let the organisers know in advance for catering reasons)

Changes to BUS Services to Lurgashall

Lurgashall bus service details
Following on from the previous note about the loss our Tuesday bus service via Compass 96 we are pleased to announce that the parish council has managed to persuade the Midhurst Community Bus to amended its Tuesday timetable as of 1st May 2017 to now include Lurgashall. Thanks to Joe for all his hard work in getting this achieved. See

Broadband Subsidy

The "Basic Broadband Subsidy Scheme" has been launched. It may apply to you if you live in the parish and enable you to get financial help with equipment to get a better broadband speed.

The UK Government is committed to providing every home and business across the country with access to a basic broadband service. If you cannot get a broadband speed of at least 2Mb per second you could qualify for a subsidised connection worth up to 350 to boost your internet speed. Please see for further information on finding out if you are eligible.

Waste Recycling Sites - reduction in hours

WSCC were have introduced reductions in the operations of the community waste recycling sites.
1) To reduce opening hours
2) To reduce number of days some sites are open
3) To introduce charging for rubble and DIY waste
4) To cease the mobile service at Lurgashall
5) Ban all but "small trailers" from ALL sites except Westhampnett "Large Vehicle Bays"

Fibre broadband for Lurgashall ~ action now

If you want a better broadband for Lurgashall then please add your name to the list of people from Lurgashall who are INTERESTED in an upgraded broadband connection. No commitment to purchase or anything ~ just registering an interest. See here for a full explanation and then email to:-
The south west area of Lurgashall on the Lodsworth exchange is now partly fibre enabled.

Information Links

our Parish Newsletter has a whole month of What's On in the parish

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ALLOTMENTS available in Lurgashall, Petworth

Lurgashall Parish Council has some spare allotments available to rent which are available now. Why not come to the Horticultural Show this August (Sat 16th 14:30) and see what others have grown on theirs this season !
Although preference would be given to parishioners, you don't have to be a resident of the parish in order to rent an allotment. So if you are looking or thinking of making a start with an allotment then contact the council for full details. Yearly rental (heavily subsidised by the PC) is only 20 per full plot or 10 per half plot if you want to make a start in a smaller way.

Broadband Speed

From the "West Sussex Better Connected Dec 2014 newsletter".
Still Northchapel exchange is "Blue - Under Evaluation" status. I emailed the project about the prospect of Northchapel getting high speed broadband but the reply I got was not promising. As I understand it the cabinet serving Lurgashall (called Northchapel B)located on the east side of the A283 north of the turning to Lurgashall, is so far away from Lurgashall village that even if they did upgrade it to "fiber to the cabinet(FTTC)" the final copper lines to the premises our houses & businesses would still be so long as to limit the speed. Yes we may get the promised minimum 2Mbit.

If you go and look at their map you will see the ALL the exchanges in the north west of the county are status BLUE and none have been upgraded. Petworth is the closest where work appears to have been done.

The Better Broadband Subsidy Scheme has launched in 2017. See if you qualify by using their checker  

A number of sites will test and show what speed you are getting.,   Comprehensive local stats on the bottom right "postcode" button on results graph. Register to save your results history viewable in MyProfile.   A pure HTML5 test with graphs, NOT requiring Java or Flash (good for tablets)   BT Wholesale speedtest of connection back to local BT Northchapel exchange (plus Advanced testing)   Lots of options to customise, or run on automatic. Beware the DOWNLOAD buttons in adverts.,   Simple but quite a few ads on the page,   Also shows speeds of alternative suppliers for your area,,  
Note: Temporary disable antivirus will often get faster results as scanning the internet connection takes significant processor power.

Neighbourhood Watch

If you are interested in Neighbourhood you may be interested in where you can sign up to receive a email alerts from NW as well as the local police farmwatch etc newsletters. NeighbourhoodAlert
Police:999 or 101
Our local NW co-ordinator is Charles Allis email: nw @

Events Past

Common Land Explained

Good introductory article on common land

Aviation based talks in Chichester

AirACES Aviation talks starting January 2013 with 'The World Air Speed Record' set by Neville Duke along the Sussex coast in 1953