June 2022

Lurgashall LRA cricket match and bbq:: @ The Village Green # Sunday, 7th August

Free Parking in the Jubliee Field close to the Village Green (just off the south east corner)

LRA XII Cricket 13:00 BBQ open
14:00 LRA XII takes on a team from Grayswood Cricket Club
15:00 Teas open
It's a 30 over match so hopefully fast action and lots of fun
Don't forget the Noah's Ark will be open for Alcoholic Drinks and Refreshments

Lurgashall News:: Our new colour Village Magazine Lurgashall News available in "downloads" section at left.
Lurgashall Film Night:: Read all about this month's film in the parish magazine 'Lurgashall News'

Lurgashall Link

This is an initiative set up by local residents as well as the Parish Council, St Laurence's Church, the Village Shop, and the Noah's Ark. They are volunteers who want to help our community through what will be a difficult time and they are on hand to help you. If you need help OR you would like to become a volunteer and help vulnerable residents in the Parish, then get in touch with them T: 01798 860788 Find up to date information about services, help, information available in Lurgashall from
Lurgashall Link logo

   Lurgashall Link facebook page.

Lurgashall Village Shop

Lurgashall Shop logo
  • Opening Times from Jan
  • Shop:   Mon to Sat 9.00 >> 5.30    Sun 10.00 >> 1.30   
  • Post Office:   Mon to Fri 9.00 >> 1.00  and  2.00 >> 4.00    Sat 9.00 >> 12.30   
  • VERIFY via their website Lurgashall Village Shop   or   Tel: 01428 707277

Lurgashall Cricket Club (LCC) 2021

image:Cricket First Match: Saturday 1st May starts the 2021 season
The first match takes place on Saturday 1st May 2021. Grayswood Cricket Club will alternate their 3rd and 4th teams playing each Saturday on the green (as LCC guests) over the summer - excepting Fete day.

WSCC and CDC service changes

It is such a fluid situation it is best to check on their online webpages.
CDC (services including waste & re-cycling collections)
WSCC (Community recycle centres)
.GOV (the official GOV guidlines & more)

Changes to BUS Services to Lurgashall

Lurgashall bus service details
Following on from the previous note about the loss our Tuesday bus service via Compass 96 we are pleased to announce that the parish council has managed to persuade the Midhurst Community Bus to amended its Tuesday timetable to now include Lurgashall. Thanks to Joe for all his hard work in getting this achieved.

New Broadband Cabinet 'Northchapel 5' - Lurgashall - Now accepting orders

The parish council has just been informed by "West Sussex Better Connected" that Lurgashall's cabinet on the corner of the green (known as Northchapel 5) is now live and providers should be accepting orders for faster broadband. This cabinet only serves around the area of the green so you will have to use a broadband service checker - like Better Connected from WSCC to see what is available to you.

Fibre now on offer from BT to properties along Hillgrove Rd and Upperton Rd and increasingly west of the village green.

Neighbourhood Alert & Sussex Crime Watch

The old Neighbourhood watch is now partnered with where you can sign up to receive email alerts from NW as well as the local police farmwatch and other such newsletters.

Sussex Crimewatch is also a good central Sussex facebook group to join and help spread alerts, lost pets etc to your local group like Lurgashall Link for us.
Sussex CrimeWatch
Police:999 or 101

Information Links

our Parish Newsletter has a whole month of What's On in the parish

- view from downloads sidebar on left

Broadband Speed

Here you can monitor the roll out of Fibre Broadband which started in 2014 and see if it has arrived for you..

A good selection of speed test sites: all with different extras.,   very slim and simple checker that works quickly and still manages to give comparable results to the others. Also tells you what backbone broadband provider you are with.,   Lots extra info on broadband. Register to save your results history in MyProfile.   A pure HTML5 test with graphs, and gives your internet facing IP address. NOT requiring Java or Flash   BT Wholesale own speedtest of connection back to local BT exchange (plus Advanced testing)   Tells you exactly what it is testing with. But Beware the DOWNLOAD buttons in adverts.,   Simple but lots of ads on the page,   Also shows speeds of alternative suppliers for your area,  
Note: Temporary disable antivirus will often get faster results as scanning the internet connection takes significant processor power.

Events Past

Common Land Explained

Good introductory article on common land

Aviation based talks in Chichester

AirACES Aviation talks starting January 2013 with 'The World Air Speed Record' set by Neville Duke along the Sussex coast in 1953