Cumulus Weather & Kites
by Andy Tate
A dense, white, fluffy, flat-based low level cloud with a multiple rounded top and a well-defined outline.

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AirACES ~ The south's Air Enthusiasts' Society meeting monthly in Chichester
  • Radar, Satellite, Station Observations
  • MetOffice ~ 6hrs rain radar; 3hrs rain+IRsat
    NetWeather.TV ~ 2hr rain radar;Lightning;charts;data. Paid for gives precipitation type + full archive
    RainToday ~ 2hr rain radar; paid for gives precipitation type & forcast
    XC Weather ~ observations inc pressure
    WeatherCast ~ observations for past week
    WeatherOnline ~ sat images for past 24hrs
    MeteoRadarUK ~ Offers RainRadar with History & Forecast, Weather Stations, very technical
  • Weather History
  • Weather Online ~ Click ARCHIVE in left pane
    Time & Date ~ Click YESTERDAY/PastWeather
    Weather Underground ~ Search your town and then HISTORY. Tends to list Airport weather observations
    Schools Around England ~ Display>ConsoleView for full list
    MeteoRadarUK ~ Offers history playback of RainRadar
  • Forcasts
  • XC Weather ~ forecasts inc isobars
    NetWeather.TV ~ Forcasts; Forums and Michael Fish. Paid for gives precipitation type + full archive
    BBC Weather
    MetOffice ~ Charlwood, Thorney Island, Solent
      MetOffice ~ Long Range 5-30 day UK outlook
    WeatherCast ~ needs AdobeFlash
    MeteoEarth ~ Whole globe animated weather
    Severe Weather ~ lightning strikes etc
  • Tides
  • Tide Predictions ~ more predictable than the weather
  • Forums and Discussions
  • UK WeatherWorld ~ forum & discussion
    Met-Monkey ~ weather forums (formed after BBC message boards closed 2006)
    MetLink ~ Royal Met Society ~ resources for schools
  • Send big weather picture files
    Road Conditions
    WSCC Sussex Roadworks list ~ click icon for map.
    SpiritFM Roads ~ (JamBuster 01243 539000)
    AA traffic news
    RAC Route Planner ~ then select "Traffic News" tab.
    Google Traffic ~ select "Traffic" to see live delays
    BBC Sussex Roads ~ discontinued spring 2017
    Mapping Tools for Schools
    Re-Cycle locations
    Recycle Bank Locator
    AirACES society
    EHSS Self Sufficiency society
    DNSstuff & more if registered {free}
    MXToolbox & more
    Best Kebab Van Petworth, Sussex
    Weather Software
    Cumulus Weather Station SoftwareWonderful FREE software for Davis, Oregon, Fine Offset, Le Crosse.
    Kite forum - covers land, sea, and air !!
    Animated Arbtalk (Climbing) Knots
    Animated Knots Really comprehensive with real pictures of real rope by Grog !!!
    Ropers Real Knots
    Knots on the Web with many many links
    International Guild of Knot Tyers
    Animated Knots from Brighton Scouts !!!
    KJK rope products dog leads etc
    AKA - How kites fly & classroom use
    NASA ~ kite theory
    Kite Society UK
    Weymouth 21st Beach Kite Festival
    Kites in Season Learn all about kites, flying kites and their history.....You'll be blown away!
    Tree Climbers International to get that kite back?
    Or hear about kites that people flew from the Arun & Chichester AirACES society
    Clarke Pump CSE CSD CSV technical manual drain that pond to get your kite?
    Kite Classified website (Ebay for kites maybe?)
    Patrick's Single Line kite site
    Kite Speedsailing with 12ft Flexis
    Gomberg Kite Productions a good starting point for new flyers, AKA and the USA
    Kite Fliers Site run by Andrew Beattie ~ lots of old kite stuff from the web
    Peter Peters page with lots of kite reviews incl. pictures & plans
    Simo's knots for kite flyers with pictures
    The Decorators
    Flexifoils without a spar
    Flexifoil aerodynamics - the reflex camber profile by Andy
    Kites in the outer Hebridies
    The British Power Kite Association Formerly the British Buggy Club (pre kite surfing days..)
    Petworth Kite Festival - Probably the most friendly family kite festival ever used to take place each year during the late 90's early 00's in the early summer in the grounds of Petworth House , West Sussex. Now it is no more since it was replaced by a Fete in the Park. Nothing like the times when it was a full blown kite festival when they invited people with mega large kites like octopus, bears, planes to attend.


    I started out with a Gopher kite resource at Surrey Uni in March 1993 filled mainly with re-posts of articles from the rec.kites newsgroups and other bits. Then by the time I moved to the web around Feb 95 there was so much good information available on kites that I decided to concentrate on just UK Information on Kite Shops, Kite Festivals, and Kite Groups with a few favourite links to other sites.

    This site is just an old hobby of mine, but Links checked and often updated: Spring 2018

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